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The Website of James J. Bolton, PhD


This book is based on nearly ten years of research related to cotton. Though quite technical towards the end, the book illustrates the importance of cotton, how it is woven into American history, and how it impacts the lives of humankind. A synopsis and ordering information can be found at '' using the keywords:

James J Bolton

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The Purpose of the Pastor

Pastor James Bell 9th Pastoral Anniversary, Carthage TX

Malachi 2:7

A Perfect Picture of an Imperfect Pastor

Pastor Nathaniel Wright 7th Anniversary, Ithaca NY

Jeremiah 3:15

Whatever It Takes

Ithaca College Community Church, Ithaca NY

Psalm 42:2

Finished, Forgiven, Forgotten, Forever

Good Friday Service, Nassau Bahamas

John 19:30

Tell'm Nevermind

Awaken Church, Ithaca NY

Mark 16:7

A Wounded Worshiper

Ithaca College Community Church, Ithaca NY

Job 1:20

As If My Life Depends On It

Worship Conference, Dallas TX

Psalm 42

It Depends on What You See

Pastor & Wife Anniversary, Carthage TX

Isaiah 6:1-8

Lift Him Up

Pastor Clay Evans 48th Year Anniversary, Chicago IL

John 12:32; Psalm 150

LORD, I Need You to Come See About Me!

Renewal Service, Huntsville AL

Psalm 141:1-2

Righteous Relationship Series (3-CDs)

Sanctity of Life Service, Huntsville AL

Judges 13:3-5

Satan, You Have Messed with the Wrong Person!

Youth Service, Chicago IL

James 4:7

The LORD Is....

Church Anniversary, Huntsville AL

Psalm 23:1

Understanding the Anointing: What's in It?

Pastor's Anniversary, Carthage TX

Isaiah 61:1

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